Class Offerings…Descriptions…Cost

Immediate enrollment is available for any class with the enroll link.  Please call 804-723-5264 to be placed on the waiting list other class times as this is the best way to get into class.

Twinkle Stars • Age: 2

This parent and child course will introduce your toddler to rolling, jumping, and having fun while teaching parents to aid in their child’s safety, a skill that may come in handy the first time your child flips off the couch. Class meets for 45 minutes once per week.  Cost – $85/month

Little Dippers • Age: 3

The class introduces the concept of warm-up and stretching to young athletes. Emphasis is placed on the basic concepts of gymnastics and having fun. Class meets for 45 minutes once per week.  Cost – $85/month

Big Dippers • Age: 4

This class reviews and builds upon the concepts taught to our Little Dippers. Class meets for 1 hour once per week.  Cost – $95/month

Shooting Stars • Age: 4-6

This is a by invitation only class that is geared towards more advanced, older pre-school children who have impeccable listening and coordination skills. It will introduce a skill-based approach to learning gymnastic elements on all four apparatuses. This class only runs from January to June each year. Class meets for 1 hour 15 minutes once per week. Cost – $105/month