Class Offerings…Descriptions…Cost

Aerial East is proud to offer men’s gymnastics focusing on the competitive men’s events specifically geared toward strengthening your son’s body while providing a strong foundation in a goal setting environment.

  • Jr. Beginner Boys (Ages 5-6): This introductory gymnastics class exposes the gymnast to the basic elements of strength, flexibility and balance while giving the a taste of the ins and outs of life on the flip side. Classes meet for 1 hour once per week. Cost – $140 per 8 week session.
  • Beginner Boys (Ages 7-12): This class is geared toward introductory gymnasts and focuses on the same principles as the Jr. Beginner Boys class but typically moves at a more accelerated pace as is typical with slightly older boys. Cost – $140 per 8 week session.
  • Adv. Beginner Boys (Ages 6+): This class builds on the foundation taught in the beginner class and introduces the concept of conditioning. Additional benefits of this class include improving self-confidence and self-esteem as basic elements are mastered. Classes meet for 1 hour and 15 minutes once per week. Cost – $155 per 8 week session.
  • Intermediate (Ages 7+): This class continues to build on the foundation laid out in the beginner programs but will start to focus more on technique as more advanced gymnastics skills are introduced. Classes meet once per week for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Cost – $180 per 8 week session.

Aerial East Gymnastics also offers a boys pre-team and competitive men’s program. This program is by invitation only. For more information please see our team page or contact the front desk.