Please note that more than one session may be listed below. However, online registration will only be permitted for one session at a time. If enroll column shows “enroll” the class has openings and online registration is allowed. If enroll column is left blank online enrollment is either not currently not available for that session or the class is full. If you would like to be added to a wait list for a class, please call the gym.

Session 2 Dates: October 21st-December 15 (Closed Halloween & Thanksgiving Day)
Session 3 Dates: December 16-February 23 (Closed December 19th-January 1st for Winter Break)

Twinkle Stars • Age: 2

Little Dippers • Age: 3

Big Dippers • Age: 4

Shooting Stars • Age: 4-6

This class is by invitation only.


Jr. Beginner • Ages: 5-6

Beginner • Ages: 7-11

Adv. Beginner • Ages: 7-11

Intermediate • Ages: 7-11

Adv. Intermediate • Ages: 7-11

Boys Only Classes • Ages: Varies

Middle/High School • Ages: 11-19

MS/HS Tuition Discount: If enrolling for more than one day per week for there is a ~35% discount. This discount cannot be combined with the multi-student discount.
• Cost/session for 1 days/week = $205
• Cost/session for 2 days/week = $275
• Cost/session for 3 days/week = $412.50

Tumbling • Age: Varies depending on class

Home School • Age: Varies

Pole Vaulting • Ages: 13+

Tuition for pole vaulting is per month; not per session.

Special Events • Age: Varies